徐孟东 Xu Mengdong

Xu Mengdong, a composer, theorist and doctor, is regarded as the leading talent in Shanghai and enjoys special subsidies from the government. He now serves as a high-ranking professor and doctoral tutor of the Shanghai Conservatory of Music. His stud

He has created more than 30 music works covering symphonies, chamber music and music dramas and published about 40 theses. His students have won dozens of prizes in major Chinese music composition competitions.

His works have won the first prize of Wenhua Award, the art innovation award, the third prize of the 11th national music work competition and Shanghai excellent work awards. He has also won national and municipal awards for his education achievements. His comprehensive achievements in creation, education and research won him Ou Yongxi Excellent Music Education Award issued by the Ministry of Culture, the top prize of Shanghai Excellent Art Talent and 10 He Lvting Fund Prizes.

He has been invited as jury for national composition competitions, Golden Bell Awards and Wenhua Award, art projects under the national philosophy and sociology fund and some important domestic and international music competitions.

杨健 Yang Jian

Yang Jian, a professor of the Department of Music Engineering of the Shanghai Conservatory of Music, studies music technology and musical performance.

He respectively obtained his bachelor’s degree in engineering from Southeast University, master’s degree in violin performance from Nanjing University of the Arts and doctorate in Western music history from the SHCM. In 2013 and 2014, he was a visiting scholar at the Faculty of Music and St John’s College of the University of Cambridge and was granted an Overseas Visiting Scholarship. He has published more than forty papers, a dozen books (including monograph, co-authoring, translation and music scores) and CDs and directed several national and ministerial research projects. In 2015, Yang was awarded the first prize of the 14th Fok Ying Tung Education Foundation Outstanding Young Teachers of Higher Education, one of the most highly recognized prizes for young scholars in China. His courses for graduate students including: “The Method and Application of Visualized Music Analysis”, “Musical Performance Studies in an Interdisciplinary Perspective”, “Guided Appreciation and Review on the Classic Recordings of the Century”, and courses for undergraduates including: “An Introduction to Music Technology”.

杨茹文 Yang Ruwen

Yang Ruwen is a member of the academic committee, professor and postgraduate supervisor of the Shanghai Conservatory of Music, director of the international percussion center of the SHCM, deputy dean of the modern instrumental music and percussion mu

As the academic leader of percussion music in the SHCM, Yang has worked hard in academic development, faculty and talent team building and textbook compiling. Thanks to his strict and scientific education, his students have won more than 50 international prizes and over 40 domestic prizes, filling all the blanks for Chinese mainland percussion students in international competitions.

As a performer, he has cooperated with many renowned musicians and music troupes to perform a wide range of music works and has attended many international art festivals in China, the United States, Italy, Germany, France and Austria. He also has joined the recording and production of the movies and recordings “The Banquet” and “Home”, published two albums in which he cooperated with Shanghai Percussion Orchestra. He is regarded as an exceptional world-class percussion performer.

杨学进 Yang Xuejin

Yang Xuejin is a famous soprano, professor of the Shanghai Conservatory of Music’s voice and opera department, postgraduate supervisor and deputy head of the folk style vocal music teaching and research office.

She had studied under instruction of vocal music educator Hu Jingfang and later received training from vocal music educators Wang Pinsu and Zhou Xiaoyan after becoming a teacher of the SHCM after graduation to improve her education and singing skills. She is good at singing folk songs of Chinese ethnic groups, songs of Old Shanghai, foreign art songs, operas and musicals. She has sweet singing voice, great compass, good singing skills and appealing performance. She has formed unique education methods and designs tailored classes for different students. She is good at teaching Chinese folk vocal music and ethnic minority vocal music mainly for sopranos and tenors.

She has hosted more than 90 solo singing concerts at home and abroad and published eight solo CDs and DVDs. She has also compiled two titles of textbooks and has created an original musical “Beauty in the Wind”.

She has won the following prizes:

First prize at China’s second ethnic minority vocal music competition

“Horse Prize” and TV “Golden Eagle Prize” for her music TV special “Home in Yunnan”

Best Works Awards from the Publicity Department of the CPC Central Committee for her songs “Bright Sunny Sky in new century” and “Step in the new rhythm”.

She has performed at the prominent Spring Festival Gala for multiple times and audiences were impressed by her singing of the song “There is a beautiful place” in 1999’s gala.

于丽红 Yu Lihong

Yu Lihong is a renowned soprano, vocal music professor of the Shanghai Conservatory of Music, national first-level artist and postgraduate supervisor. She is also a board member of China Traditional Vocal Music Arts Institute and executive board memb

She graduated from the SHCM with a bachelor’s degree and the Chinese Conservatory of Music with a master’s degree.

Yu returned to the SHCM to work as a teacher in September 2006 after resigning from Shanghai Ensemble.

Yu has received government organized vocal music prizes as followed:

Third prize of the third national vocal music competition and the golden prize of the third opera song competition organized by Ministry of Culture in 1996.

The first prize in the professional group of traditional Chinese vocal singers at the eighth national young singers’ TV competition in 1998.

The “Golden Trumpet Award” as the top ten singers loved most by the audience in China’s first Broadcasting Arts Awards in 2001.

She has staged multiple solo concerts at Ukraine’s Grand National Theater, Tchaikovsky School of Music, Shanghai Grand Theater, He Lvting Concert Hall and Beijing Concert Hall. She has performed in more than 20 countries and regions in the world and was regarded as the “nightingale from the east and the singer with a heavenly voice”.

She has played leading roles in Opera “The Communist Party’s Daughter” and Singing and Dance Drama “White Haired Girl”. She has published albums such as “Flying to the sky” and “China’s singer series—Yu Lihong”. She also performed in music TV video clips such as “Dialogue across the century”, “Permanent home”, “Oath under the Communist Party’s flag” and “Entering the new age”. She also has sung theme songs or interludes for multiple movies and TV series.

In recent years, Yu has been invited to serve as judges in domestic and overseas vocal music competitions. Her students have won a number of awards at vocal music competitions.