詹永明 Zhan Yongming

Zhan Yongming is a renowned bamboo flute performer and educator, professor and postgraduate supervisor of the Folk Music Department of the Shanghai Conservatory of Music (SHCM), head of the SHCM Wind Music Teaching and Research Office and vice presid

Zhan gained his fame when he won the top prize of a folk instrumental music competition (bamboo flute group) held by the Ministry of Culture in the 1980s. Over the past few decades, Zhan has won in many domestic and overseas competitions for his excellent bamboo flute performances and composition works. He has nurtured numerous bamboo flute performers and has made great efforts on the academic researches on the Chinese bamboo flute culture. So far, Zhan has given performances and lectures in over 20 countries and regions.

Zhan is one of the world’s representative figures of the bamboo flute music and he was the first outstanding Chinese orchestra musician to represent China to visit Taiwan. In 1988, Zhan was awarded as the national first-class performer. In 1991, he enjoyed the special subsidy offered by the State Council. In 1997, he moved to Singapore and became a teacher of the Singapore Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts. He was recruited as a folk music professor by the SHCM in 2004. In 2013, his main course of the bamboo flute music was listed as a key course by Shanghai Municipal Education Commission and a high-quality course by the SHCM. In 2016 and 2017, he was appointed as the chief professor of the SHCM Chinese Orchestra. His stories have been recorded in books including the Famous Figures of the Contemporary Arts Circles in China.

张显平 Zhang Xianping

Professor of the Shanghai Conservatory of Music (SHCM); Postgraduate supervisor of the SHCM; Member of Chinese Musicians' Association; Deputy director of the Public Liaison Committee of Chinese Musicians’ Association; Member of the CPPCC Shanghai Com

Professor Zhang Xianping graduated from the College of Foreign Languages and Literatures, Fudan University and got his master degree from Codarts University for the Arts in 1991. He had served as the cultural counselor at Consulate General of the PRC in Los Angeles, vice chairman of the CPPCC Pudong Committee, deputy director of Pudong Administration of Culture, Radio, Film and TV, deputy director-general of the construction headquarters of Shanghai Oriental Art Center and the center director and vice president of the SHCM.

As an expert in cultural policies, Professor Zhang Xianping has a thorough understanding of cultural institutional features and policies in Europe, the US and advanced Asian countries. He offers courses “Cultural Policies Comparison and Contrast”, “Cultural Industry and Management”, etc.

Research direction: cultural administration and cultural policy; European and American cultural ecology; management of cultural industry

赵维平 Zhao Weiping

Zhao Weiping, PhD, professor, PhD advisor and director of the department of music of the Shanghai Conservatory of Music, also serves as academic leader in the Chinese classical music history, director of the SHCM Chinese and Japanese Music and Cultur

Fields of study:

Chinese classical music history, Asian music, the musical relationship between China and other Asian countries.


An Introduction to Eastern Music, the Music History in Tang Dynasty, Research on Oriental Music, Literature Reading of Chinese Classical Music, Music on the Silk Road. All the above courses have been taught to undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students. He has published a number of books about music history and culture and more than 70 theses.

周丽娟 Zhou Lijuan

Zhou Lijuan, a pipa performer and educator, professor and postgraduate supervisor at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music. She is the vice chairwoman of pipa committee of Chinese Musicians’ Association, inheritor of Shanghai intangible cultural heritag

Zhou stayed to teach after graduating from the SHCM in 1981. She has cultivated many pipa talents, who have won awards home and abroad.

She has published “String-playing Girl”, “Zhou Lijuan Pipa Solo” and other albums. Meanwhile, “Children’s Pipa Class” and “Chinese Pipa Classics Playing Instruction” by Shanghai Music Publishing House and “Pipa Skills Training” and “Pipa Proficiency Test Pieces” by Shanghai Conservatory of Music Press are also her works. In 2012 she published her essay on the national core publication Chinese Music. In 2014 she recorded pipa solos named “A Broad Mind like the Sea” for the “Shanghai Intangible Cultural Heritage--Pudong’s Voice Series”.

周温玉 Zhou Wenyu

Zhou Wenyu, a professor, postgraduate advisor and the head of solfeggio teaching and research office of the Shanghai Conservatory of Music, has published more than ten textbooks including The Art of Sightsinging (with CD), 160 Sightsinging Songs with

She has won Shanghai teaching prize for the literature and art, and the special prize of SHCM He Luting fund.

Her works has won the first and second prize for teachers’ composition and singing respectively in national conservatories’ composition, recomposition and singing competitions.

Her course and team were authorized as Shanghai college key course and Shanghai high-quality courses. She has been the judge of National professional art competition since 2013.