王蔚 Wang Wei

Wang Wei, a famous zither player and educator, professor and postgraduate supervisor at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music. She sits as a visiting professor at Shanghai Theatre Academy, vice chairwoman of Zither Committee of Chinese Musicians' Associ

Wang has been honored with the “Gardener Award” by the Ministry of Culture for multiple times, the title of “Exemplary Teacher” awarded by Shanghai Baosteel Education Fund and Shanghai Culture and Art Talent Fund, special award of He Lvting Music Foundation, etc. She has released albums including “Wang Wei’s Zither Art” and books about zither training and papers in the field. In her thirty years of teaching career, about 50 students have won prizes in national professional competitions. Wang gave concerts and lectures in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan as well as America and Europe. She was also a panelist in folk music contests home and abroad. Her artistic merits have been recorded in China’s Musician Dictionary and China’s Musician Directory.

韦福根 Wei Fugen

Since 2006 he was appointed as a foreign professor by the SHCM. Apart from his work in the Voice and Opera Department, Wei Fugen also teaches piano accompanying in the Piano Department and is a professional teacher of opera art direction in the Condu

Wei Fugen was enrolled into the Primary School Affiliated to the Shanghai Conservatory of Music at the age of 9 to learn piano and performed solo at Shanghai Spring concert at 12. Later he entered the Military Song and Dance Troupe. In 1979 he entered Shanghai Philharmonic, and he was frequently designated to accompany for Chinese singers in international contests and performances. In 1986 he went to the USA and was hired by several vocal classes including that of Professor Rose Bampton of The Juilliard School as the accompanist, and he also joined hands with several Chinese famous singers in the Metropolitan Opera to perform from place to place. He was also included in CDs with songs by Lu Zaiyi, Ding Shande and Liao Changyong. In 2005 he was designated to accompany for Italian opera master Carlo Bergonzi in Beijing and international vocal music contests. Since 2006 he was appointed as a foreign professor by the SHCM. Apart from his work in the Voice and Opera Department, Wei Fugen also teaches piano accompanying in the Piano Department and is a professional teacher of opera art direction in the Conducting Department.

肖梅 Xiao Mei

Xiao Mei, a folk music scholar, PhD, professor and PhD supervisor at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music. She is head of the ethnomusicology teaching and research office, director of China Ritual Music Research Center, chief professor on the ecomusico

Courses: undergraduate courses: Introductory Theory to Ethnomusicology, the Description in Ethnomusicology, Outline of Chinese Minority Music; postgraduate courses: English Literature Reading on Ethnomusicology, Ethnomusicology Field Trip and Annal Composing, Themed Research on Chinese Minority Music, Visual Methods of Music Culture Research, Thesis Writing, Music and Idea Transformation, Ecomusicology, Performance Theory and the Traditional Music Research.     

Research fields: ethnomusicology/anthropology of music, ritual music, minority music, instrument study and musical material management research.

谢乐 Xie Le

Xie Le, a professor of the Voice and Opera Department of the Shanghai Conservatory of Music, is a tutor of postgraduates and deputy head of the teaching and research office on bel canto.

She graduated from the Vocal Music and Opera Department of the SHCM in 1982, under instruction of Professor Chen Minzhuang, a famed vocal music educator.

In 1993 she went to Moscow to study in the famous Tchaikovsky School of Music there and learnt from a renowned vocal music educator in Bolshoi Theatre of Russia. After returning to China, she worked as singer in a military sing and dance troupe and a Shanghai orchestra. Xie Le has acted leading roles in operas Faust, Carmen, Cavalleria Rusticana and mezzo-soprano solo in Messiah. During her study in Russia, she was invited to stage a solo concert in Pushkin Art Palace to sing songs from home and abroad, which won unanimous applause from audience.

Xie Le has organized several concerts for her students, including special performance of Russian vocal music works, vocal music works of Beethoven, special concert on Ave Maria by composers of different ages, as well as the premiere of Shostakovitch’s From Jewish Folk Poetry.

徐达维 Xu Dawei

Xu Dawei, Shanghai Conservatory of Music’s accordion professor, a postgraduate supervisor and head of the keyboard and guitar teaching and research office, is now a CPPCC member of Xuhui District, vice chairman of Revolutionary Committee of The Chine

Xu won many international awards between 1990 and 2001. He was sent to study in Russia in 1999 and was given the Master of Art Degree on Bayan Accordion Performance and Instructional Theory by the Ministry of Education of Russian Federation. He was also honored by the Russia Far East and Coastal Border Area Musician Association as “Artist of Merit” (Заслуженный Aртист).

In 2003 Xu was invited by the SHCM to found the major of accordion. He has sat on the judge panel for international competitions in China, Italy, Australia, Ukraine and Russia. His students came top in multiple accordion competitions home and abroad. Xu has been honored with Special Award of He Lvting Music Foundation, “Outstanding Teacher” award by the Shanghai Culture and Art Talent Foundation and “Outstanding Instructor” in many international accordion contests.