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Performance honoring anniversary of Mahler's death


Baritone Liao Changyong will join the Shanghai Conservatory of Music Symphony Orchestra for a concert at Shangyin Opera House on 29th November to mark this years 110th anniversary of Gustav Mahlers death.The concert ...

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The Suona's Second Wind


Now, the 29-year-old Liu Wenwen, who is a suona teacher at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music, understands her parents' persistence and loyalty to the instrument.

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​The 2021 Sixth IPEA International Percussion Competition Successfully Held


In October 2021, The 2021 Sixth IPEA International Percussion Competition was successfully held and broadcast live online worldwide. The competition is hosted by Shanghai Conservatory of Music, organized by The Inter...

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SHCMer | Armenian 'star' musician chases dreams in China


Armenian musician Astrid Poghosyan takes great pride in the Chinese name she picked for herself, Ma Xingxing.The given name Xingxing, literally meaning stars, is inspired by her Armenian first name, while the surname...

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SHCMers' Summer Vacation


Many SHCMers spent time taking part in some volunteer activities,working on developing their musical skills, cultivate new hobbies and so forth. Let’s see the latest updates from SHCMers during the summer vacation.

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