Shanghai Summer School 2022 - Chinese Traditional Music Program of Shanghai Conservatory of Music

Release Date: 2022-06-09

Shanghai Summer School 2022

Chinese Traditional Music Program of Shanghai Conservatory of Music

Admission Brochure

Shanghai Summer School 2022 – Chinese Traditional Music Program, a Shanghai Municipal Government Scholarship program organized by Shanghai Conservatory of Music (SHCM) under the support of the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, is scheduled to be held online during the period from June to September 2022. As part of the SHCM’s efforts to promote its international education, this Program is developed based on the Conservatory’s advantages and features, with the aim of offering a chance for international students to experience Chinese culture.

  1. Theme

The Shanghai Summer School - Chinese Traditional Music Program has been successfully held for ten consecutive years since 2011, and achieved good results. Built on its previous achievements, the 2022 edition of this event will focus on “Chinese Traditional Musical Instruments (Suona, Sheng, Erhu and Jiangnan Sizhu music)” and “Chinese Art Song Singing”, giving international students a taste of the rich and profound Chinese music culture.

  1. Time and Activities

  1. Time: July – September 2022

  2. Activities

  1. Music Culture Lecture: Open classes and special lectures by prestigious educators, musicologists and performing artists will give participants an all-around understanding of Chinese music culture.

  2. Professional Tutoring: Through training courses by young performing artists from the SHCM, participants will get professional instructions and learn traditional performing techniques, thus achieving rapid progress in their music performance.

  3. Online Concert: An online gala concert will be organized at the end of the Program for participants to show their achievements.

  1. This year’s Program will be delivered entirely online.

  1. Enrollment Quota

The Shanghai Summer School 2022 — Chinese Traditional Music Program is open to international students and scholars between the ages of 16 to 45. Participants must be non-Chinese citizens residing outside China. The Program is expected to enroll 20 qualified applicants.

Admission decision will be made by SHCM’s International Education Division after reviewing the application materials. The Entrants List will be posted on the webpage:

  1. Application Guideline

  1. Application Period: June 6th-3oth, 2022

  2. How to Apply: Application should be made online via the website: Please read the attached Online Application Instructions carefully before making an application.

  3. Documents to Be Uploaded for the Online Application:

  1. A scanned copy of the photo page of the applicant’s valid passport

  2. An ID photo and a casual life photo

  3. Schooling Certificate or Graduation Certificate

  4. A Curriculum Vitae (in Chinese or English)

  5. Video recording of the applicant’s music performance (if any): limited to one music piece; max file size: 500MB.

  1. Fees

The application fee and tuition under this Program will be covered by the Shanghai Government Scholarship; other expenses should be borne by the participants themselves.

  1. Application Procedures and Special Notes

  1. Application should be made online via the designated webpage. Pleases fill in the application form in Chinese or English as required.

  2. The Admission Notice will be sent via email. Please provide accurate email information in the application form.

  3. Successful applicants should complete online registration process on the date designated in the Admission Notice. Those who can’t register on time for due reasons should negotiate with the International Education Division of the SHCM in advance.

  4. All the application materials submitted will not be returned.

* The Program is subject to change according to the latest epidemic prevention requirements. Please stay tuned to our website for further updates.

  1. Contact Information

Contact Person: Ms. Huang

Address: International Education Division, Shanghai Conservatory of Music, No. 20 Fenyang Road, Shanghai, 200031, P. R. China


International Education Division

Shanghai Conservatory of Music

June 6th, 2022