SHCM professor wins third prize at ‘Gaetano Amadeo’ contest

Zhou Wenyu, a professor from the composition department of the Shanghai Conservatory of Music, won the third prize at the 2nd International Composition “Gaetano Amadeo” Competition with the Chinese art song “Miao”, with the first prize remaining vacant.


for Soprano and Piano depicts a very appealing image. Entirely immersed in the beauty of the motherland - the floating wind, the flickering cloud, all transfered into acoustic imaginations and particularly associated with the sound of the combination of various chords. Virtuosic and lyrical, the piece shows a strong reflection of the bel canto singing, which demonstrates  the composer's thinking and exploration from a singer's perspective.

The competition, named in honor of the famed 19th-century composer and organist Gaetano Amadeo, was held for the first time in 2019. The chairman of the 2020 competition jury was Italian composer, organist and artistic director Giuseppe Monari.

The jury also included a number of music directors of international orchestras and renowned musicians, including well-known arranger and violinist Manuela Lucchi, and manager and organist of the Solist Veneti Chamber Orchestra Fabio Merlinei.

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Release Date: 2020-12-11
Author: Tong Wangyue