Shanghai Government Scholarships for International Students by Shanghai Conservatory of Music

Release Date: 2017-11-13

The Shanghai Government Scholarships (SGS) for International Students is established by Shanghai Municipal Education Commission in order to attract and encourage more outstanding international students to study in Shanghai. With a view to guiding the application for and review of the SGS in a careful, fair and square manner, enlarging enrollment of international students in SHCM and improving the quality of education for international students, these regulations are made in accordance with the Pilot Scheme of Shanghai Government Scholarships for International Students by Shanghai Municipal Education Commission and based on the principle of improving efficiency and effectiveness, regularizing the procedures, designated usage only and scientific management.

I Categories of Scholarships

1. Class A (Full Scholarship)

    Class A scholarship provides monetary aid for academically excellent international students for undergraduate and graduate programs in Shanghai. Recipients of Class A scholarship will be provided with exemption from tuition fees and comprehensive insurance fees for foreigners studying in China (RMB 800 yuan/person/year); monthly living allowance of RMB 2,500 for bachelor candidates, RMB 3,000 for master candidates and RMB 3,500 for doctoral candidates; accommodation fee waiver for resident students or monthly accommodation subsidy, if permitted by the administration department of SHCM, of RMB 700 for bachelor and master candidates and RMB 1,000 for doctoral candidates who live off campus.
2.  Class B (Partial Scholarship)
    Class B scholarship provides monetary aid for academically excellent international students for degree education in Shanghai. Recipients of Class B scholarship are exempt from tuition fees and comprehensive insurance fees for foreigners studying in China (RMB 800 yuan/person/year).

II Application

    SHCM will publicize the information about the Scholarships through multiple channels and begin to accept applications in a timely manner.

1. Eligibility

(1)Applicants should have acquired a non-Chinese nationality for more than four years and be in good health;

(2)Applicants should comply with laws and regulations of the Chinese government and rules and disciplines of SHCM;

(3)Applicants should be undergraduate or graduate students formally admitted into SHCM in the very year;

(4)Applicants should not be awardees of other Chinese government scholarships at the same time.

2. Materials Required for Application

  (1) SHCM Letter of Admission for degree-seeking international students;

  (2) Class A/B of Shanghai Government Scholarships Application Form for International Students filled in Chinese;

  (3) HSK Certificate

Bachelor degree students: HSK 4 (no less than 180)

Master degree students: HSK 4 (no less than 210)

Doctoral degree students: HSK 5 (no less than 180)

  (4) Notarized certification of the highest academic degree obtained. If the applicant is a current student, he or she should provide the student certification of the educational institute he or she is currently studying in. Non-Chinese or non-English certification should be attached with notarized version in Chinese or English;

  (5) Academic record. Non-Chinese or non-English ones should be attached with notarized version in Chinese or English;

  (6) A study and/or research proposal for study in China (no less than 1,000 words) in Chinese or English;

  (7) Two letters of recommendation in Chinese or English by professors or associate professors of the educational institute the applicant graduated from;

  (8) Applicants for music-related majors should provide a portfolio of their works or academic achievements (academic papers, awards and etc.) and other related materials.

3. Application Procedure and Timeline

    1) Application Timeline: April 15th to May 15th every year.

    2) Application Procedure: Applicants should make online application on the Study in Shanghai Webpage and upload documents as required. Paper materials for the application should be submitted to SHCM’s International Students Office before May 15th.

Study in Shanghai Webpage:

Materials should be submitted to the International Students Office of Shanghai Conservatory of Music (address: No. 20, Fenyang Road, Shanghai 200031, P.R. China).
Tel: +86-21-6431-0305 or +86-21-6431-6745

Contact: Ms. Wang
   Fax: +86-21-6431-0305

4. Special Notes

    (1) All application materials submitted by the applicants will not be returned.

    (2) Please head to the following webpage to download the application form:

    (3) Both online application and paper materials are indispensable. Applicants without complete materials will be disqualified.

III Scholarship Review Committee

    The SHCM Scholarship Review Committee is comprised of members from the International Office, Academic Affairs Office, Graduate Division, the Bursar’s Office and Supervision Office, staff of each department and experts and professors of our conservatory. The school leader in charge of international student affairs will assume the office of committee director, while the International Students Office will take charge of application processing issues.

IV Funds Management 

    SHCM will deposit the funds of scholarships issued by Shanghai Municipal Education Commission in a special account. The International Students Office is responsible for the management and allocation of funds and subject to the instruction, audit and supervision of SHCM's administrative department and relevant authorities of Shanghai municipal government.

Ⅴ Number of Awardees

    The number of awardees is determined according to the amount of funds allocated by Shanghai Municipal Education Commission. The proportion of awardees of each category of scholarship is subject to adjustment based on the number of international students of each year. Selection of awardees should abide by the principle of giving priority to the better.

Ⅵ Scholarship Review and Notification

    The International Students Office of SHCM will gather all the applications and report a summary before May 30th every year. A scholarship review meeting will be hold in early June for the Scholarship Review Committee to decide and review the list of awardees according to factors including the amount of funds and the number of applicants. The Scholarship Review Committee may consult with experts of certain fields as necessary.

    SHCM will notify all applicants the review results timely. Awardees should register in corresponding institutions and specialties as specified in the notification and are not allowed to change. Those who waiver the scholarships are not allowed to reapply within three years.

Ⅶ Duration, Assessment and Termination of the Scholarships

1. Duration

    The duration of the scholarships is 4-5 years for bachelor students, 3 years for master students and 3 years for doctoral students. The awardees who fail to graduate within the duration of scholarships should complete the extra study period at their own expenses.

2. Assessment

   Annual assessments are required for all awardees during their study period. SHCM will perform a comprehensive review on a yearly basis according to scholarship recipients' academic records, learning attitude, attendance, behaviors and awards or punishment and submit the results to the International Cooperation and Exchange Division of Shanghai Municipal Education Commission for filing. Students who pass the review will continue enjoying the scholarship in the following academic year and those who fail the review will lose eligibility for the scholarship.

3. The awardees will be disqualified and the scholarships will be terminated under any of the following circumstances:

    1) he/she violates Chinese laws and regulations and receives administrative detention and criminal punishment;

    2) he/she breaks the school rules and gets disciplinary punishment from the host institution;

    3) he/she fails in any examination;

    4) he/she is incapable of continuing study due to bad health.

Contact information of SHCM(Application for Chinese Government Scholarship)


For Contact: Ms. Wang Kaili

Address: International Students Office of Shanghai Conservatory of Music, No.20 Fen Yang Road, Shanghai, 200031 P.R.China

Tel No.: +86-21-64310305, +86-21-64316745

Fax: +86-21-64310305