Belt and Road Art Talent Training Program 2018 Admission Brochure

Release Date: 2018-04-09

As the most famous historical route in the world which connects the East and the West, the Silk Road has presented itself as the most colorful cultural corridor. The glory of the Silk Road in the past should be the starting point where the cultures of different countries meet and continue growing. In order to better enhance cultural exchanges with the countries along the Silk Road and strengthen the training of talents, Shanghai Conservatory of Music (SHCM) and Shanghai Theatre Academy (STA), under the policy support of the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, will jointly organize the Belt and Road Art Talent Training Program 2018 on the basis of their respective characteristics and discipline advantages to achieve the grand goal of creating a brilliant future through education.

I. Theme

The Belt and Road Art Talent Training Program 2018 will enable students from countries along the land and maritime Silk Road to learn Chinese art and culture in a multi-dimensional, multi-angle and multi-faceted manner through the study of both traditional Chinese folk music and traditional Chinese Opera.

The SHCM will invite prestigious educators, performing artists and young teachers to deliver a comprehensive program for international students to learn, appreciate and experience the most typical traditional Chinese and foreign musical instruments along the Silk Road.

The STA will focus on exploring Chinese opera art aesthetics, the relationship between music and performance, as well as the interweaving connection between Chinese tradition and the culture of the countries along the Belt and Road in terms of the artistic performance in Chinese opera art.

II. Schedule

The program will last three weeks from Jun. 18, 2018 to Jul. 6, 2018.

Jun. 18 – Jun. 24: Registration and study at the SHCM;

Jun. 25 – Jul. 01: Study at the STA;

Jul. 02 – Jul. 06: Joint rehearsal and finale performance.

III. Activities

1. The SHCM: lecture series, workshop, roundtable discussion and seminar.

Professors from the Chinese Traditional Music Department of the SHCM will run a workshop on the performance techniques and creative concepts of Chinese folk music, while those from the the Chinese Traditional Music Department and Musicology Department will deliver a lecture series. Besides, a concert of folk music along the land and maritime Silk Road will be held to display students’ achievements.

The STA will provide 1) lectures on Chinese opera art aesthetics, Chinese opera music, and the similarities and differences between Chinese opera and the traditional art of countries along the land and maritime Silk Road; 2) practical courses including Chinese opera performance training and opera composition based on traditional music; and 3) appreciation of classical Chinese opera performance. At last, students will give a performance based on what they have learnt in the courses provided by the SHCM and STA.

IV. Enrollment Quota

A total of 20 applicants will be enrolled as scholarship students. The SHCM will enroll 10 music students and they will study together with the 10 Chinese opera students admitted by the STA. The scholarship will cover the students’ application fee, tuition, accommodation fee, activity expenditure, textbooks and comprehensive insurance.

This program is, in principle, open to foreign students outside China between the age of 16 and 40. Please refer to the following website for nationality limitations.

The organizing committee will assess the application materials and select scholarship winners accordingly. The list of selected participants will be announced on the official website of the SHCM and that of the STA

V. Application Requirements of the SHCM

1. Application period: Mar. 15, 2018 – Apr. 20, 2018

2. Application materials

(1) Application Form for the Belt and Road Art Talent Training Program 2018

(2) A paper copy or scanned copy of the biographical page of your passport;

(3) A curriculum vitae;

(4) Should you have audio CD or DVD materials, please send the e-files to

3. Related costs

Scholarship students will be exempted from the application fee, tuition, accommodation fee, activity expenditure, textbooks and comprehensive insurance for people coming to China, yet the meal costs and international and domestic travel expenses shall be borne by themselves.

4. Application procedures and special notes

(1) Please download the application form from the website below and fill it in Chinese or English as required.


(2) All application materials should be submitted by post or e-mail.

(3) The SHCM will issue the Admission Notice and Visa Application for Study in China to those who are enrolled. The participants must enter China with a student visa (X1 or X2). Since the Admission Notice and Visa Application will be sent by post, applicants should leave the correct address information and mobile phone number on the application form to ensure successful delivery.

(4) Participants should register on the date stipulated in the admission notice. Those who cannot register on time should report in advance to the International Students Office of the SHCM for its consent, or it will be deemed as a waiver.

(5) The application materials submitted will not be returned.

Note: Please consult the STA for the application requirements for Chinese opera students.

VI. Contact Information

Shanghai Conservatory of Music

Contact persons: Ms. Wu or Ms. Yue


Tel: 0086 -21-64316745

Fax: 0086 -21 -64310305

Address: International Students Office, Shanghai Conservatory of Music, No. 20 Fenyang Road, Shanghai 200031, P.R. China

Shanghai Theatre Academy

Contact person: Ms. Zou Haoping


Tel: 0086-21-62498896

Address: Room 208, Zhongyi Building (2), No. 630 Huashan Road, Shanghai 200040, P.R. China

Belt and Road Program Application Form