Admission Regulations for Shanghai Summer School 2017

Release Date: 2017-05-30

Chinese Traditional Music Program of Shanghai Conservatory of Music

Shanghai Summer School 2017 (Chinese Traditional Music Program ), a Shanghai Municipal Education Commission Scholarship Program hosted by Shanghai Conservatory of Music will be held at Shanghai Conservatory of Music from June 12 to June 30, 2017.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Since 2011, the Shanghai Summer School (Chinese Traditional Music Program) has been successfully held for six years and achieved good results. Therefore, we will hold 2017 Shanghai Summer School (Chinese Traditional Music Program) featuring the theme of Chinese Traditional instruments Erhu, and Chinese Traditional Vocal Performance.

In this Summer School, we will invite professional performers and educators of Erhu and Chinese Traditional Vocal Performance to create a comprehensive curriculum that combines learning, appreciation and experience for international students.


The program consists of Beginner's Class (for amateur learners) and Advanced Class (for professional learners). Courses will include:

1. Master Class: A) Advanced Class: Prestigious professors of Erhu and Chinese Traditional Vocal Performance will deliver open classes and young performers of SHCM will give training courses for each student. The classes provide the students with an opportunity for personal communication with the masters to discuss and study the techniques of Erhu and Chinese Traditional Vocal Performance, thus contributing to their knowledge of Chinese Traditional music and performing skills. ) Beginner's Class: Basic performing techniques will be taught by young performers of SHCM in order to improve the students’ understanding of Chinese Traditional culture.

2. Lectures: Lectures on topics including “The Art of Chinese Music”, “The Aesthetics of Music” and “Chinese Culture” will be delivered by prestigious scholars.

3. Cultural Activities: We will organize students to visit authentic musical and cultural sites in Shanghai such as Museum of Oriental Musical Instruments, He Luting Concert Hall, Shanghai Grand Theatre and Shanghai Concert Hall. Students will also be able to experience the cultural and musical life in places in the vicinity of Shanghai.

Qualifications for Summer School Students:

Beginner’s Class will enroll 5 scholarship winners. Advanced Class will enroll 5 scholarship winners. The scholarship covers the fee for the application, tuition, activities, student dormitory, teaching materials and comprehensive insurance. All the Summer School students should be non-Chinese citizens the in age within 16 to 60 and in good health and apply from abroad.

The scholarship candidates for Beginner’s Class will be selected according to the sequence of application and the scholarship candidates for Advanced Class will be selected by the organizing committee based on the application materials handed in by the candidates. The result for scholarship winners and self-support students will be listed on the website of International Students Office of Shanghai Conservatory of Music:

Application Procedures:

1. Application period: March 15 to April 20, 2017.

2. Documents required for application:

(1)Beginner's Class

a:Application Form

b: A copy of Passport or scanning copy

c: Resume

(2)Advanced Class

a:Application Form

b: A copy of Passport or scanning copy

c: Resume

d: CD or DVD recordings (2 pieces of songs);digital recordings can also be sent by email.

3. Fees and Tuition:

The scholarship covers application, tuition, activities, teaching materials, student dormitory and comprehensive insurance fees. International travel expenses and local transportation as well as meals fees are not included.

4. Application procedures:

A. Application form can be downloaded on the website of and should be filled in according to the requirements in English or Chinese.

B. All documents can be submitted by email or sent by post. (Passport copy should be the page with the photo of the passport holder.)

C. Applicants will receive the Admission Notice sent through email by Shanghai Conservatory of Music after the evaluation procedure. (Applicants are required to fill in the information of email address and phone number on the application form so that Admission Notice can be sent.) Applicants may procure a visa (such as tourist visa) valid for at least 30 days, otherwise they will be responsible for all the possible consequences caused by invalid visa.

D. Entrance, registration and tuition payment should be finished at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music according to the registration period stated in the Admission Notice. Students failing to register within the time limit should inform and get the permission from International Students Office in advance. Otherwise they will be considered as giving up the program.

E. Application documents and tuition fee are non-refundable, payable in cash during or before the registration period.


For Contact:

Ms. Wang Kaili , Mr. Chen Tian

Add: International Students Office of Shanghai Conservatory of Music,

20 Fen Yang Road, Shanghai, P.R.China.


Tel.: 0086 -21-6431-6745 .

Fax: 0086 -21-6431-0305 .