Admission Regulations for Shanghai Summer School 2013

Release Date: 2013-05-30

Chinese Traditional Music Program of Shanghai Conservatory of Music


Shanghai Summer School 2013- A Shanghai Municipal Government Scholarship Program hosted by Shanghai Conservatory of Music “Chinese Guqin and Guzheng Performances Master Class for Foreign Students” will be held at Shanghai Conservatory of Music from June 9 to July 5, 2013.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Guqin and Guzheng are both widespread traditional Chinese plucked stringed instruments.

Guqin(Chinese zither), also known as yaoqin, yuqin or seven-stringed plucked instrument, is one of China's oldest plucked instruments and a treasure of Chinese culture. Guqin prevailed in Confucius period and has a written history of over four thousand years. It has been played since ancient times and has traditionally been cherished by the world as an instrument of long history, rich connotation and profound influence.

Guzheng(21-to 25- stringed plucked instrument) , one of China’s unique and important traditional musical instruments, emerged and became prominent during the Warring States Period as early as 500 BC to 300 BC with a history of more than 2,500 years. Its beautiful tone, wide range and rich skills in performance made itself an expressive instrument enjoying great popularity among the masses.

Nowadays, both Guqin and Guzheng have been representative traditional Chinese musical instruments and became important cultural output tools for traditional Chinese music. In this master class, we will invite many renowned professional performers and educators of Guqin and Guzheng to create a comprehensive integrated curriculum of teaching, appreciation and experience for international students.


Schedule of the 2013 Chinese Guqin and Guzheng Performances Master Class for Foreign Students:

Time: June 9 to July 5, 2013 (four weeks)

   1. Master Class: this master class will focus on Guqin and Guzheng performances. Prestigious professors of Guqin and Guzheng performances in China will give open class for each student. The renowned Guzheng educators and performers include: Sun Wenyan, Wang Wei, Qi Yao and Pan Wen, etc; Guqin educators and performers include: Dai Xiaolian, etc. The master class provides an opportunity for the students to communicate in person with the masters to discuss and study the Guqin and Guzheng techniques in order to improve the performing accomplishments and make progress in their performing techniques.

   2. Observation Courses: the master class will provide students with the opportunity to attend the traditional Chinese orchestra and Chinese chamber music rehearsal courses of our conservatory. These courses will help students to practice and learn other aspects of Guqin and Guzheng performances beyond solo performance.

   3. Lectures: in the master class, prestigious scholars will give lectures about Chinese culture and other related knowledge.

   4. Chinese Language Courses: students of the master class will take the Music Chinese courses to learn music terms and other related knowledge.

   5. Activities: all students will have the opportunity to visit typical musical and cultural sites such as Museum of Oriental Musical Instruments and music instruments factory.

Qualifications for Master Class Students:

The master class program will enroll 40 students, including 20 scholarship winners and 20 self-support students. For scholarship winners, the scholarship covers application fee, tuition, activity fee, material fee, accommodation fee and comprehensive insurance fee. Self-support students will have to pay for the application fee, tuition, activity fee, material fee, accommodation fee and comprehensive insurance fee.

All the master class students should be non-Chinese citizens, over 16 and under 60, in good health, while scholarship applicants should apply from abroad.

The Organizing committee will evaluate application documents and announce the list of scholarship winners and self-support students on the website of International Students Office of Shanghai Conservatory of Music:

Application Procedures:

   1. Application period: March 1 to May 10, 2013.

   2. Application documents:

    (1) Application Form for Shanghai Conservatory of Music “Chinese Music Instrument Master Class for Foreign Students”

    (2) Passport copy

    (3) Audition recording CD or DVD (2 pieces of songs), 2 pieces of songs can be sent by email

    (4) Three passport- sized photos

    (5) Other supplementary documents.( such as recommendation letter)

   3. Tuition:

A. Scholarship winners: scholarship covers application fee, tuition, activity fee, material fee, accommodation fee and comprehensive insurance fee. Transportation fees are not included.

B. Self-support students: The tuition fee is RMB8000 which covers application fee, tuition, activity fee, material fee, accommodation fee and comprehensive insurance fee. Transportation fees are not included.

   4. Application procedures:

A. Applicants can apply online or download application form to fill in. The application website: . Please fill in the form according to the requirement.

B. All documents can be submitted by email or sent by post. (passport copy is the page with photo.)

C. Self-support students can pay for the application fee and tuition on the registration day.

D. After evaluation, applicants will receive the Admission Notice sent through email by Shanghai Conservatory of Music. (Applicants are required to leave email address and phone number on the application form for us to contact and send Admission Notice) . Applicants may procure a visa (such as tourist visa) valid for at least 30 days, otherwise they will be responsible for all the possible consequences caused by invalid visa.

E. Entrance, registration and tuition payment should be made at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music on registration date(June 9). Students that will not register on time should inform and get the permission from International Students Office in advance. Otherwise they will be considered giving up.

F. Application documents and tuition fee are non-refundable, payable in cash on or before the registration period.

For Contact: Ms. Wang Kaili, Ms. Wu Yimin

Add: International Students Office of Shanghai Conservatory of Music,

20 Fen Yang Road, Shanghai, 200031 China


Tel.: 0086 -21-6431-6745

Fax: 0086 -21 -6431-0305