Undergraduate Studies

Release Date: 2017-11-13

1. General Requirements

Applicants shall be eligible to apply for an undergraduate program if they satisfy the following requirements:

  ①Non-Chinese Passport valid for at least 4 years, and over two years(nine-month actual residence in foreign countries within one year can be calculated as one year, subject to the entry and exit date) of the actual abroad residence record within the last four years
  ②Chinese language requirements: Level 4 or better in the old HSK, or Level 4 or better (a score of 180 or better) in the new HSK
  ③Aged 18 or above in the year, in good health
  ④High school qualification or above


2. Application Arrangement

  ①Applicants should apply via our online application system at http://zsbm.shcmusic.edu.cn. (The system is open during the admission period.) The application information is required for verification in person. Applicants who fail to confirm and verify the application information will result in disqualification of their applications.

  ②The application and examination period is from January to February. For specific dates and deadlines, please refer to the SHCM Admission Regulations for Undergraduate Programs.

  ③The subjects and syllabus for the entrance examination are available on the SHCM admission website

  ④Applicants should verify their information and take the entrance examination at SHCM Undergraduate Admissions Office at No.20 Fenyang Road, Shanghai, China.

※Applicants who fail to apply online can apply in person at the Undergraduate Admissions Office on the date stipulated in the SHCM Admission Brochure for Undergraduate Programs.

※Applicants can apply for no more than two majors of undergraduate programs.


3. Documents Required for Application

    Original of the passport plus one copy
    Medical certificate
    High school diploma/certificate
    Original of the HSK certificate (for verification) plus one copy
    Two photos per program (35mm×53mm)
    Application fee

4. Enrollment Procedure

  ①Upon verification of the application documents, applicants who pass the entrance examination and satisfy the Chinese language requirements will receive an admission notice to SHCM and Visa Application for Study in China (JW202).

  ②International students should apply for a visa at the Embassy/Consulate of People’s Republic of China with their admission notice and Visa Application for Study in China (JW202).

  ③Newly-admitted students should register and pay the tuition at SHCM International Students Office on the date specified in the admission notice. Students who cannot register on time under exceptional circumstances should submit their applications for deferred admission to the International Students Office and change their registration date upon approval.

※Applicants should take the entrance examination with an admission ticket. All documents submitted will not be returned. Application fees paid are non-refundable.

※For details of the exam schedule, please refer to the SHCM Entrance Examination Schedule posted at SHCM Undergraduate Admissions Office.

5. Study Length

Four or five years (See“Curriculum of Undergraduate Programs”)