2017 Shanghai Artistic Postgraduate Academic Forum

Release Date: 2017-09-08


In consideration of enough time for intended participants, the organizer has decided to postpone the deadline for work submission to 16:00 September 7, 2017. Other requirements remain the same.

Thank you for your support and cooperation. We expect to see your works on September 19 and 20 at SHCM.



Shanghai Conservatory of Music

Shanghai Conservatory of Music was founded by Cai Yuanpei and Xiao Youmei in 1927. Previously named National Music Academy, it was the first independent institute to provide higher education in music in China and renamed Shanghai Conservatory of Music in 1956. Since 2000, it was handed over from Ministry of Culture of PRC to Shanghai Municipal Government for administration. Now it is built jointly by the two sectors. Current Party Secretary and Principal of the conservatory is Lin Zaiyong.

The conservatory was founded with western notion for music higher education, combining with Chinese music culture traditions and has developed unique curriculums that lay equal emphasis theory, creation and performance art as well as for Western and Chinese music and teaching and art practice. The conservatory has set up 14 departments, an affiliated middle school and an affiliated primary school and its teaching system goes from the primary school through the college. Now the conservatory is authorized to give bachelor, master and doctor degrees. It is also equipped with two post-doctoral science and research station in music and dance and artistic theory respectively.

SHCM sticks to its strategies to develop quality, international and nation-oriented education, emphasizes the student’s ability to innovate and keeps exploring and constructing a system to cultivate innovative talents. The campus tradition has been laid to value the basis and be strict with teaching and the excellent in practice. Several generations of globally influential music professionals have been raised in the course. They have created abundant of the well-known pieces that enjoy world fame and issued many high-level academic publications and textbooks.

In a new era to come SHCM will continue to be guided by Deng Xiaoping’s Theory, the idea of “Three Representatives”, the Scientific Outlook and the Party’s principles and function for the country based in Shanghai. In 1997, Jiang Zeming indicated for SHCM upon its 70th birthday that it should provide the first-class education and be leading in the world. We have made this eager expectation our goal. SHCM shall carry on cultivating music talents that boasts virtues as well as art and keep innovate and explore with an open mind to contribute to constructing a Socialism cultural prosperity.



“Shanghai Artistic Postgraduate Academic Forum” is a serial event held by Shanghai Academic Degree Committee Office and SHCM. It has been held for five consecutive years. Each year, the forum recruits about 100 artistic learning postgraduate students in Yangtze River Delta to send essays and holds academic saloons on specific topics. Foreign and domestic experts will be invited to rate and award the works. The event aims to inspire academic thinking and improve students report abilities and enhance academic communications.

The 2017 Shanghai Artistic Postgraduate Academic Forum and National Chinese Zither Pieces and Research Selection Forum will be held in Shanghai on September 19 and 20. Participants are welcome to raise their opinions, cultivate insights into academic learning and promote development for Chinese zither.

This year the event is divided into four sections: selection for the excellent zither pieces, selection for the excellent essays, national forum for art academies postgraduate teaching and composer and musicologist lecture. The event responds to SHCM’s Zither Week as well to promote zither art and development.


1. National Excellent Zither Piece Selection

Requirements on participants and the essays:

Participants should be postgraduates on campus
The pieces will be judged in two groups: solo and duet. The solo piece may have 0-2 Chinese folk instruments accompanied; the ensemble should be pure zither (no more than quintet) and may have 0-2 folk instruments accompanied. The instrument accompany should be no more than the zither. For example, only one accompany instrument is allowed in a duet. 
String tuning: regular or non-regular (composers are encouraged to use regular tuning)
Award winning pieces will not be allowed entry.

Specific requirements:

The piece should be completed later than 2013 and the length within 8 minutes;
Each participant can send only one piece;
The submission gate closes at 16:00 September, 2017;
Participants should submit the PDF format of music score (music engineering files might be attached), introduction and audio (MP3 format) or video (MP4 format) along with the registration form (see attachments) with the e-mail title of “college + name +zither piece”.

Selection details and award quota:

Judges are selected by the organizer;
The solo and ensemble groups will go through a preliminary and a final selection. The shortlist will be announced on September 12, 2017 on the official WeChat account “scmyjs”. Candidates should sign up at SHCM on September 18, 2017 for the final round (a live concert).
The competition will set up one first prize, two second prizes, three third prizes and several honor prizes. The winners will be awarded at the venue.



2. National Excellent Zither Research Paper Selection

Requirements on participants and the essays:

(1) Participants should be young teachers (35 years old or under) in the college or postgraduate students;

(2) The essays should be completed after 2013 with 3,000-10,000 characters, written under academic standards;

(3) The essays should be about zither music creation, local style, performance and performance art; participants are encouraged to discuss zither instrument improvements, new ideas or concepts;

(4) The essays should be written in Chinese and have never been published before. An awarded essay will not be given entry.

Specific requirements:

(1) Each individual can only send one essay;

(2) Form: The title should be written in Chinese No.4 Heiti (黑体) in title and Chinese No. 5 Songti (宋体) in the text. 1.5 times line spacing.

(3) The essays are only received through e-mail. An essay should contain the title, abstract, keywords, text and the references. The essay should be sent along with the registration form along to the official email address, with the title “college name + name + zither music research essay”.

(4) The submission should be no later than 16:00, September 7, 2017.

Selection details and award quota:

Judges are selected by the organizer;
The participants will be judged in two different groups: young college teachers (35 years old or under) and postgraduate students. The shortlist will be announced on September 12, 2017 on the official WeChat account “scmyjs”. Candidates should sign up at SHCM on September 18, 2017. They will read their essay and be awarded on September 20 (If the candidates cannot arrive on time, he or she can entrust another one to come).
The awards will be set up with the top prize, the second price, the third price and the honor prize.



3. National Forum for Art Academies Postgraduate Zither Teaching

Purpose: the forum aims to activate academic discussion on zither in art academies, cultivate academic thoughts and further the discussion on issues rising in current zither art creation and situation so as to reach a common ground.
Form: Each supervisor will give a 20-30 minute talk on behalf of the academy to conclude on the issues existed in zither art creation and current situation and preset opinions. Questions are welcome after the speech. Group discussion will be held as well.
Pre-stage work:

(1) Supervisors and main lecturers should send back speech drafts and feedbacks to assigned mailbox before September 7, 2017;

(2) Specific demands like multi-media support should be sent back along with the drafts to the mailbox (see supplements).


4. Supplements

Official e-mail for submitting works: syxslt2017@163.cm; WeChat account: scmyjs;
The submission should be the participants’ independent works; no published or written individual or group work should be included apart from the citation. The group and individual who have contributed to the works should be specified in the works. The participants should be aware that he or she shall undertake sole legal outcome in the event;
The sponsor has the right to display, use, promote, publish and issue the works, essays and research outcomes in the event;
Participants can sign up for free, but they need to take care of their own transportation and accommodation fees;
The sponsor has the final interpretation rights for the forum and the competition.


5. Attachments:


Registration form
Forum feedback