Notice on the solicitation of logo for the 90th anniversary of the SHCM

Release Date: 2017-09-08

Shanghai Conservatory of Music (SHCM) will celebrate its 90th anniversary on November 27. The SHCM is soliciting the logo for the 90th anniversary from the public to better demonstrate the brand image of the school and provide a unified and distinctive visual identification of celebrating events.

1. Participants

    All SHCM teachers, students and graduates home and abroad as well as others who are concerned

2. Process

    a. Submission Time: Through June 9, 5pm

    b. Evaluation Time: June 12- 23 (Online Evaluation: June 19-23)

    c. The results of the evaluation will be release on the official website and Wechat platform of the 90th anniversary.

3. Requirements for Entries

    a. The entry should have simple design, novel composition and bright colors to fully demonstrate the characteristics of the SHCM. It can be applied properly on can be used on various occasions and carriers such as websites, documents, publicity articles.

    b. Essential contents: (1) the colored rendering of the logo design; (2) standard font (both Chinese and English fonts); (3) standard color (printed colors).

    c. A brief and concise designing explanation of the concept and basic elements in the design shall be submitted together with the entry. The applicants can also choose to make a slogan for the anniversary.

    d. All entries must be original and haven't been published in any form before. The entries shall not infringe upon the copyright, trademark rights, exclusive rights and other rights of others. Any infringement of the above rights will lead to immediate disqualification of the solicitation. All legal disputes arising out of this shall be the responsibility of the submitter.

4. Entry Submission

    a. The entry should be submitted in the form of electronic document together with applicants’ personal information and design explanation (no more than 300 words).

    (1) Colored rendering of the logo should be attached in the form of JPG and TIF pictures with the resolution ratio over 300dpi

    (2) The design can be made by both hand-drawing and computers in the size of A4 paper. A single person is allowed to summit multiple entries

    b. Way of Submission: Please send electronic-version entries and design explanation in the form of attachments to, the e-mail address of anniversary celebration office. The subject of the letter should be "the solicitation of logo for the 90th anniversary of the SHCM + name + contact information."

5. Awards setting and evaluation methods

    a. Awards setting: One first prize with an award certificate and bonus of 5000 yuan; two second prizes with award certificates and bonus of 1000 yuan

    b. Evaluation methods: The evaluation is composed of expert evaluation and online voting, which are calculated in accordance with the proportion of 60 and 40 percent.

6. Else

    All the intellectual and property rights of the shortlisted works are all belong to the SHCM. The school can select and use them at celebration activities and related works, including campus signs, publications and so on


Hosted by the 90th Anniversary Office of Shanghai Conservatory of Music

Organized by digital media department of the SHCM

                                                                                                                                                              May 8, 2017